All jackets are made from recycled parachutes. For your comfort, the inner lining ist made from single jersey. This keeps the jacket breathable and makes it feel soft on your skin. These jackets are produced in co-operation with TARANGO, a non-profit fair trade organization, which works to empower women in economically developing countries. Because each jacket is absolutely unique, all of them have a label with their limited edition number. That's how you can tell, that every piece is one of a kind ! The cut is slim, so you feel better to choose one size bigger as usual. The ladies S size correspond to german 34/36 size or fits to kids 12 years+ !




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Neu Jacke mit Patches, Schwarz

Artikel-Nr.: 030-010 black

120,00 *

Neu Jacke military UK Lastenfallschirm

Artikel-Nr.: 030-022 military UK

120,00 *

Neu Jacke silbergrau Sportfallschirm

Artikel-Nr.: 030-006 silvergrey

120,00 *

Jacke neon PINK Damen S Zero P.

Artikel-Nr.: 030-009 pink neon

Damenjacke 3farbig Damen S Zero P.

Artikel-Nr.: 030-010-002-006 3farbig

60,00 *

Jacke grüngelb/türkis Damen S

Artikel-Nr.: 030-011/011 grüngelb/türkis

Neu Jacke military T10 Rundkappe Bundeswehr

Artikel-Nr.: 030-022 militaryT10

120,00 *

Jacke Damen S- F111 orange

Artikel-Nr.: 030-012 orange

Damenjacke 2farbig black/neon gelb Damen S

Artikel-Nr.: 030-007/010 gelb/schwarz

60,00 *

Damenjacke hellrosa F111/ Größe S

Artikel-Nr.: 030-006 hellrosa

Jacke neon PINK magenta Damen S F-111

Artikel-Nr.: 030-009 pink magenta

Neu Jacke silbergrau Polizei GSG 9

Artikel-Nr.: 030-006 silver GSG 9

99,00 *
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